Saturday, April 3, 2010


yeah, uhm, where did the time go!? i've been up here in minneapolis now for almost a month - some days it seems like four months already and other times it seems like yesterday. life is crazy.

i think it's strange when you do all these things to make your life a certain way and then you completely change it - well, at least it feels strange to me. i think i'm still trying to figure things out. i definitely made sure that i threw my life for a loop - going through a divorce, losing my job, moving in with my folks, moving, starting one new job and one new internship...yeah, just a few things to have changed. right!? if i sat and thought about everything i believe my head would explode from the stress and sheer craziness of it all. but you know, sometimes when you get stuck in a rut a giant leap/change is exactly what you need.

i'm not saying it's easy. it hasn't been and won't be for a while. i feel like i'm re-learning how to function in society. how to make enough money to pay the bills is definitely the toughest thing right now but that's no shock to me. i love my internship at the photo studio - it's great - i just wish it was the paying job!!! the hotel is going alright, it's a very draining job though and i can't seem to get excited about it (possibly cause it's not enough money/hours!!) but it at least is some form of income. at least at the internship i'm doing things that i have skills in such as designing wedding albums (i get paid for that!) and working on layout of documents and what not. it's quite fun!

but yeah, all in all, doing alright, little stressed about money but i'm still looking for more work and keeping myself busy doing fun and free (or almost free) things! speaking of which, gotta go work on my guitar callouses, i've been neglecting them over the last week. i'll try to post more next week, just haven't felt real "up" for being social - even anti-socially online :)



  1. i'm so happy to be reading your blog. glad that you're documenting your life these days. thoughts are with you lots and lots.

  2. I feel ya' sista! This was me in '09. Days will get brighter and brighter I promise, just keep writing and keep making art. =)