Sunday, June 27, 2010

These days...

sheesh, i'm horrific at posting on this blog! april, yikes!

SO, lots has changed. i got a new job, quit my internship and got my own apartment! yup, the hotel just wasn't working out so i searched for new employment and landed a job working for a few nightclubs and a bar in downtown. i do admin stuff & other stuff to help lighten the manager's load. i really like it. i work virtually alone which is pretty great and the pay is pretty decent. my only complaint (aside from the occasional stupid stuff) is that i have be at work way too early in the am. i am so not a morning person so i guess it's good that i can just roll out of bed, throw on something clean and hop on the bus. it's about 30-35 hours a week. not bad! a heckuva lot better than the 16 the hotel was giving me.

the internship was fun but it just wasn't mean to be. in the end i don't think it would have been enough hours so i would have had to work two jobs at once and the hours for that would have been pretty killer.

i've been in my own apartment now for about a month. my wonderful parents ended up packing up my stuff on a penske truck and my dad drove it up here. insane! we were going to have a moving company do it but they flaked out on my dad so he just drove it here. my place is just south of downtown, pretty much still downtown and is pretty little. but it's enough for me for now. the kitchen leaves a bit to be desired but it's ok - it's only a year lease!! it's nice to have my own place to retreat to and it's great to have my stuff up here. i'll post some pics when i've gotten it a bit more put together.

other than that - things are good. things are strange, but good. i say strange because everything is just so different. i guess i just had no idea how big of a change i was making. there are things about my old life that i miss, terribly! like my friends, my family, my dogs, my house. familiarity. the old routine of things was sometimes very nice and it's odd having to make a new routine. making a huge change like this at 28 is quite a big deal. my dad has been stopping through minneapolis on trips throughout the month and i got to see him last night for dinner. i started to tear up when he walked me to my car. you don't realize sometimes how much you love having your family so close until they're not close anymore! i know that this is a step in the right direction for me - i needed to grow up some more. i needed to be more independent. so i'm just going to notch this up to growing pains, sound fair to you?


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