Friday, July 23, 2010

weight loss update: no.1

alright! so far pretty good! lost five pounds this week :D. i know that will slow down after another week but it feels pretty good to get that little bit off in just under seven days. i figure i should pick the same day each week and same time to weigh myself, that should give me a better idea of how i'm doing.

what have i done this week? pretty much dropped breads and carbs from the menu. i've allowed myself a few here and there because i don't want to go through complete withdrawals during my trip to michigan for my cousin's wedding (leaving soon!). but even so, i've pretty much cut most of them out of my diet. the things i splurged on this week were a couple fig newtons, a tiki drink, some pizza and a bowl of cereal. not too bad. of course there are carbs in lots of things so right now, until i get the protein power book from my dad, i'm just trying to cut most of them out. allowing myself like 40g a day (i think like 33 is where i'll end up starting).

i feel better, which is nice. i can tell that the weight went away from my gut, which is super nice. can 't wait to wear skinny jeans in the fall! alright, that's my update!!


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