Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my home at christmas

i realized that i haven't posted any christmas decor or pictures of my tiny slice of minneapolis in a while! it's been a snowy week up here in the midwest - in the minneapolis metro we got about 23 inches of snow saturday morning and all the way until around 3am on sunday morning. to say it was insane would be belittling the storm. it was monumental! the 5th largest storm in the history of minneapolis and i got experience it as my first winter got well underway up here! i was happy to be burrowed in (my second job called and told me to stay home saturday and my other job told me to stay home sunday!) spending my time watching christmas movies on netflix wii, writing christmas cards, wishing i had made a grocery run and glad to have my boyfriend here!

so, here is what the hibernation cave looks like right now! (here is one photo - click this link to go to my photostream: scrumpygirl13 )

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