Sunday, June 26, 2011

new hair!

so, i have this process that i always seem to go through - i grow my hair out...and then it all gets chopped off. i'm not entirely sure why i do this so often but it's how i've been since senior year of high school. maybe it's cathartic? i think that i typically like to have shorter hair but now that i'm getting older i like to have some length, too. got it cut today. i'm pretty happy with it! it's cute, it's funky and it's fun. i think that i'm still adjusting to all the highlights i got put in. i like them but i think i'll stick to a little darker next time. i've gotten really used to myself with darker hair and i kinda like it. but the highlights are very pretty! my hair stylist is pretty awesome! and she's now a friend so that's kinda great. well, here are some other pics of the new hair!


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