Sunday, December 27, 2009

i toyed with the idea...

of naming this something witty - but it was too early in the am to do so. i figured this will be a place to wax poetic, narcissistic and show of photos and art and what not. so, without further ado - here are some pics i took when i went to nyc for thanksgiving:

statuary near the dakota

quite an eerie night at rockafeller

tea at my favorite tea shop in manhattan
(cause i know soooo many...pshaw)

inspired by "kitchen confidential" :)

my dad and me - aren't we pretty in the am?

did someone say staypuff?

so, there we go. i feel like a sell-out though cause i bought this program called camerabag - it's pretty much like the really lazy persons way to use photoshop actions without owning photoshop...oi if my profs could see me now. ha! more to come later i'm sure. take care!


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