Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life is insane.

but i think if it wasn't, i'd be bored.


don't know! but lately life has switched into warp speed. i got a second job recently and now i'm working about 46 - 50 hours a week. not something that i really wanted to do but the bills demand it! i like both of my jobs, one more than the other but we won't go there. but i keep finding myself back on the lookout for work. i'm employed but that can always change, kinda scary. what's even scarier (or more frustrating) is this:

i have no earthly idea what i want to do right now.

none. none whatsoever.

i know that i want to open a shop in a few years and that i need to sock away money right now and that's what i'm trying to do. but it's just kind of frustrating to be working so much and have very little time off (read - not a full day anywhere). it's also frustrating to have this fabulous framed piece of paper that says i have a degree in something that i don't really want to do. not like i could get a job in that field right now anyways. but i guess i'll just have to be content to be discontent...still.

oh well - at least i'm employed, i love this city, i'm happier than i've been in a while and i'm in love with life. we'll see what the future holds. yup.

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  1. i totally feel ya on the looking at a piece of paper thats collecting dust lol. I didnt know what i wanted either. I was applying everywhere, and was thinking of 3 different degrees i could try to get, then out of nowhere Baptist called, and now Im going to work hard and stick with it. I know I want to start a family in a few years, and I'm hoping Mears is the guy that i'm supposed to make that happen with. It feels weird to not be worrying about finding more work. Maybe we should both take a day just for ourselves and relax. (oh with a margarita too!)