Friday, October 22, 2010

"spookies" give-away!

hey guys! here is what i've been playing with lately! "spookies"

so, here's the deal, one lucky winner gets to take home any three of these little guys, i've got three ghosties and five pumpkins. all you have to do to win is post a comment about your favorite halloween memory as a kid. i'll pick a winner at random on monday! so, post away! :D




  1. I loved the old school costumes...they may still be had to wear those plastic masks...your breath would cause all of that condensation to form on the middle, you know? So, we lived in Michigan for a few years...and my younger brother and I went out in our masks. I was a My Little Pony and my brother a GI Joe. I loved it. I loved returning and figuring out what candy i'd have the next day...we got to pick out a few pieces a candy each day and I'd always leave the nasty waxed paper peanut mess until the end :)

  2. growing up in northern Minnesota made the choosing of a costume a challenge....did one buy the beautiful costume in the store and then cover it with a winter coat, stocking cap, and mittens, (some years there was snow on the ground by end of October)? Or did one want to show off the costume and turn blue in the sub zero weather? Usually Mom prevailed and I rarely got to show off my costume while trick or treating because of all the layers of warmth I was wearing. My favorite part of halloween was bringing home the candy and hiding it from my dad. Dad always creeped into our bedrooms the next morning and stole our candy and we would jump out of bed and chase him around the house trying to get it back. We never hid the candy too well for fear he might NOT find it....

  3. my favorite Halloween was when i dressed as Britney Spears, from the hit me baby one more time video! we ended up going to the wrong party that night. a friend had one on the same block. by the time we realized it we thought we were going to be beaten. It turned out to be a NASCAR themed Halloween party. as it turned out it was a fun party ended up doing jello shots with them and having a blast. we then went to the bar as soon as i entered the room, i was in the back of the room, and the MC said to the crowd said oh my lord children, children we seem to have a celebrity in the house miss Britney Spears herself is in the building. She made me come up stage and asked if i had anything to say to the people and i said "yes, yes i do. my loneliness is killing me" i ended up winning 2nd place. too much fun. i laugh when i think about it to this day! highlight of life one of the funniest brightest moments i will always remember! ! ~H

  4. eating candy? does that count:)? glad you had a day off to make stuff, friend. how fun!