Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hey guys!

thanks for your votes yesterday on the logo. it really helped and i decided to go with the horizontal one (even made the brown a little lighter). the logo is part of my big announcement for the month of november! ya ready for it?

i am opening and etsy shop! it's not ready just yet but i wanted to go ahead and tell you about it with the hopes that maybe sharing the idea will keep me motivated to finish up the last bits of it! i am designing jewelry, clay creations, knitted creations and any other number of handmade crafts to sell on it and it will be called, you guessed it - simple nature!

i chose the name because i like the idea of handmade things harkening back to a different era that was more simplistic in nature. whenever i make things by hand i feel like i am really owning my creativity and that my creations are really a part of who i am. so, i am aiming to open the shop next week. you can check out the store (although it's empty right now!) at this link: simplenatureonline

check back next week and there will be stuff up! i will post about the opening of it next week as well! thanks so much and enjoy life!



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