Monday, November 1, 2010

november already!?!?!?!?!

it's tough to believe, isn't it? it feels like yesterday should have been summer to me, although here in minnesota the temps are far from summer temps! i absolutely love the cooler weather here, and yes, i do know it's about to get a whole lot cooler and snowy! i'm excited, ready and a little apprehensive.

halloween was pretty uneventful for me this year - seems like that's been the trend for the past three years, sadly. three years ago i had a horrible bronchial infection which caused me to cancel my annual party, last year, well, that was the whole beginning of the divorce thing and i didn't really think a celebration was in order. this year, well, working seven days a week definitely lends itself to a bit of unpreparedness (that's so a word!) and having a tiny apartment kind of aids in the whole inability to throw a party! i guess i'll just look at these last three years of no-party-ness as preparation for a gigantic party next halloween! i literally cannot wait!

we went bowling on saturday night, i dressed as a modern day demeter (goddess of fertility) and my boyfriend was a modern day baccus (god of food and wine). it was pretty fun, i even almost broke 100 on my second game which cracks me up - but i still beat the boy so that's what matters! last night i got to tag along with my best friend, jill and meet a new friend, megan, who was amazing! we hung out at her house in the front yard, roasted marshmellows and handed out candy to little trick-or-treaters! it was fabulous! then we followed it up with a bonfire at jill's house with friends and family in attendance. i even got to see my friend, naja, who moved up here from memphis some years back.

well, it was amazing and i hope you had a great halloween! we are going bowling again tonight because we obviously like torture! have a wonderful first day of november and look for another update this afternoon about the month of november and this blog!



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