Wednesday, November 24, 2010


i wanted to do my thanksgiving day post on thanksgiving while i'm curled up on the couch enjoying my first real day off since october, drinking coffee, eating a cinnamon roll, watching the parade and scheming the pie baking for the afternoon. but...alas, the internet is still not working at the apartment so i'm posting early!

this has been a year of up's and down's, sometimes more down's than up's but it's ok. i am thankful that i have made some changes that really have helped me realize who i am. it's been difficult but i feel like i've really been able to grow up a lot in the last year.

mostly, i am thankful for the people in my life. they have supported me, carried me, listened to me, made me laugh when i wanted to cry, let me cry if i needed to and made me feel like i'm not alone when things are rough or great. i really miss my family. it's tougher than i thought it would be to move and to leave my parents in memphis. but at the same time i think it's given me some perspective on what my own dreams and my own goals are. i miss my friends in memphis but am thankful for their love and support that i feel through the internet! god bless facebook and twitter, right!?

i am thankful for the blanket of snow that has covered the twin cities! this is the third snow that i've experienced up here so far which makes me so happy! i have long missed the changing of the seasons and the bite of a cold fall/winter. of course, this means that tomorrow is going to be's like the weather is making sure i know what i'm getting into! my sweet mom and dad are sending me some much-needed snow boots! i can't wait until they get here, then i won't have to worry so much about falling on my butt on the way to the bus stop!

i am thankful for a new life. new surroundings in a city i love. the love of people in my life and the weather. mostly, i am thankful for all of it. i'd write more but then i might make myself cry! so, instead of me making me is something my sweet nana wrote when i asked her to talk about thankfulness:

"Thanksgiving brings many memories of all those turkey dinners, trips to the grandparents and later trips to our children to celebrate the occasion. My reflections dwell more on what I am thankful for -- for the 54 years of marriage to my dear sweet husband with only regrets that we couldn't grown older together -- for the six wonderful children that this marriage produced and the six in-law children that they brought into this family -- followed by nine grandchildren and three spouses and one dear little great-granddaughter. They now number 25 - each one so dear to my heart. I am so truly blessed and deeply grateful for all that God has given me."

how's that for thankfulness? :D i love my nana! here's a great pic of my mom and her mom (my nana)
hope everyone has a fabulous thanksgiving!



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