Tuesday, November 16, 2010

booo internet!

i swear, i get all geared up to be a great blogger and then the internet at my apartment all but completely craps out! it's soooooo frustrating. this is the third time that a technician will be coming out to see if they can fix it. i've decided that this is it! if they can't then i'm switching!

so, that said - sorry for the lack of posting! it's so annoying. i have a guest post by my dear friend laura of consider lillies (http://lauracatemann.blogspot.com/) all ready to go but i can't get the internet to work so i can't upload it! boo! i swear, it will get done this week!

i'm also still planning on opening up the etsy shop either this week or next week, depending on if i can take some time to go to a caribou coffee or something to hook up online. so annoying!

but in good news - got christmas music playing, experienced my first minnesotan snow! (it was a record breaker apparently!) so the ground is white, the music is going, i'm bundled up with a new hat and i looooooove this time of year! what's your favorite thing about the holidays?



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